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Building better city websites

Local government. User-friendly experiences. You'd be fair in thinking the two are mutually exclusive. But one Australian company is changing that.

OpenCities provides simple, yet powerful digital products for the local government and councils. Their platforms allow citizens to make payments, requests, bookings and perform a number of other transactions online, saving them dozens of hours (and saving councils a lot of money).

OpenCities offers a range of modules, templates and customisation options, so each government body can create a site tailored to their needs and their community, rather than just a cookie-cutter design.

From humble beginnings, OpenCities is now a global force—one of the biggest players in the game. So when they asked us to collaborate on their user experience and design, we were (understandably) very excited.

Real-time insights

As part of our engagement, we designed and developed a Customer Analytics Portal for their clients, which provides real-time data on community engagement with the website.

This means that councils can log on to see which pages are popular, how people are viewing them (e.g. mobile users versus laptop users), how many people are currently live, and lots of other handy information. All these insights are presented in a way that’s easy to digest, helping councils to improve their services and make better plans for the future.

Our design also allows local governments to see how many ‘man hours’ they’ve saved their staff – which translates into more time and money that can be invested back into the community.

We’ve carefully crafted the front-end to ensure everything runs super smoothly on all devices and screen sizes. And we paid attention to the tiniest of details, so that every number, pixel, fact or image looks beautiful and is easy to understand, no matter who’s reading it.

The new dashboard positions OpenCities as a forward-thinking organisation that continues to evolve and stay ahead of the competition. We’re pretty proud our ongoing collaboration with their team.

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