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Ballarat In The Know

A local’s ultimate online guide.

The Request

The City of Ballarat commissioned Avenue to develop up a website for the local community – something as cool as our award winning tourism website – focused on the region’s latest events, top spots to grab a bite, and all the awesome stuff Ballarat’s got going on!

The Result

The Ballarat “In the Know” website is deeply rooted in understanding local spirit and needs. We combined eye-catching design, dynamic content feeds, and user-centric features to offer a digital space that intuitively brings to the forefront the amazing activities occurring in the Ballarat region.

The Site

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The full story

So, the City of Ballarat had a challenge for us. While we’d already created a fantastic tourism site, they wanted something especially for the local community. A site to highlight not just tourist spots, but the heartbeats of the city: local events, businesses, attractions, and more.

Our mission? Design a digital space that shines a light on the buzzing energy of Ballarat from the perspective of the local community. This meant weaving in the latest events, showcasing top food and drink joints, and pinpointing those unique Ballarat experiences. On the tech side, we aimed for a fresh digital interface, integrating it with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) for real-time content, and ensuring everyone can access it seamlessly.

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A celebration of culture, activities & community spirit

Understanding the vibe of Ballarat, we embarked on designing a website that’s both enticing and loaded with info. With a mix of captivating visuals, compelling content, and user-friendly design, we wanted to make the site a central hub for everything happening in Ballarat.

Our expertise in user design made sure that every interaction felt meaningful. Whether residents are scoping out events, trying to find that next great cafe, or just diving into what makes Ballarat special, the site is their guide.

In essence, the website is a digital celebration of Ballarat’s lively culture, rich history, and community spirit. Through the site, we’re aiming to not just inform, but spark local pride and connection to the bustling community life.

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Creating seamless interactions

Kicking off the design process, we tapped into insights from tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics. This gave us a peek into how users interacted with the current Ballarat tourism site. By digging into the numbers and user behaviors, we got a clearer picture of what users wanted.

With this knowledge in hand, we set out to create a design that screams “Ballarat.” The goal? Make users feel a connection, a sense of hometown pride, and a thrill for the city’s vibrancy.

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Designing the magic

Design-wise, we put emphasis on spotlighting diverse events front and center. Utilising Algolia technology, we made it super easy for users to navigate through categories and lists, ensuring they find what lights up their interest. And, the homepage? It’s a visual feast, nudging users to explore deeper.

To make searching a breeze, we baked in a smart filtering system. Users can sift through events based on their preferences, ensuring they get to what they’re looking for without the fuss.

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Live & lively data streams

Keeping the content fresh was key. By integrating with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW), we ensured that the latest happenings in Ballarat are just a click away. On the backend, we streamlined the content update process, so the site is always on its A-game.

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A headless website:
Lightning speed, limitless flexibility!

One of the nifty things about the site? It uses a “headless” build approach, ensuring zippy load times. And with WordPress running the show, the City of Ballarat team can keep things updated with ease.

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What we achieved

Our user experience process for designing the Ballarat “In the Know” website has been driven by a deep understanding of user behaviours and preferences.

Through a harmonious blend of captivating design, up-to-date content, and efficient administration processes, we have created an inspiring and engaging online destination that beckons Ballarat locals to explore the wonders of their region.

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Nothing beats a pat on the back!

🏆 Our longstanding collaboration with the City of Ballarat has led to multiple award-winning sites across tourism, business, and community sectors. Being part of promoting this vibrant region has been extremely rewarding, so being awarded at the 2023 “Better Future” Melbourne Design Awards and the 2023 international w3 Awards has been a huge thrill.

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