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30 Oct 18



October 2018's Roundup

'Roundup' is the collection of key stuff we've either been reading, discussing or working on during the month at Avenue.

A fresh take on FinTech branding
We recently had great fun collaborating on a new online branding project with James Oconnell — a superb illustrator from Manchester, England — for Lumi, where custom illustrations are integral to the brand identity.
Good friends have pencils
Supporting usability with motion
This is a really useful article by Issara Willenskomer, where he outlines his manifesto for UX in motion design, providing excellent, and clear examples of when and where to implement motion in interface design to support usability.
Must read manifesto
Motion Design Doesn’t Have to Be Hard
Jonas Naimark, a motion designer on Google’s Material Design team, outlines how motion design can, and should be, simple (despite what many think is the case).
It’s not as hard as you think
Design needs more feminism, less toxic masculinity
From the Fast Company blog, Jessica Tillyer’s article focuses on the need for a broader perspective on who generates the ideas in design, and who has the voice and power to contribute to decision-making in the design process.
Broaden your perspective
A guide to color accessibility in product design
Color accessibility is one of the key components of accessible design, yet is so often overlooked. Justin Reyna outlines some quick tips to ensure you’re creating color-accessible designs.
Choose your colors wisely
Cutting the jargon out of your creative work
Experienced digital copywriter and journalist Patrick Stafford discusses why he hates buzzwords and jargon. Elon Musk agrees.
Say what?
Move over, UX. A new movement is here
User experience (UX) transformed digital design. Viewer experience (VX) is now set to do the same to motion design.
There’s a new sheriff in town
5 of the latest trends in UX design
UX and creative copywriter Emily Esposito outlines the five latest trends in UX design.
"Hey Google"
Design Better Forms
Online forms are all over the web, yet so often fail due to poor UI and UX design. Andrew Coyle outlines common mistakes designers make with forms and how to fix them.
Never submit
Ever wonder why the most popular apps often look the same?
Uniformity in app design is becoming the norm, and Experience Designer Yazin Akkawi outlines why he thinks this is positive. Hint: designers should spend more time focusing on what really matters.
I think we’ve met before?
Inspiration from the Grid
Our favourite creative post from Inspiration Grid in October are the amazing geometric pastry creations by Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko.
I’d love a second slice
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