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25 Nov 23


Giving back!

‘Goods 4 Good’ Shopify website – the first project for ‘Avenue for Good’

'Roundup' is the collection of key stuff we've either been reading, discussing or working on during the month at Avenue.

We’re excited to unveil our inaugural ‘Avenue for Good’ project – a strategic website redesign for Goods 4 Good.

This inspiring & innovative e-commerce/gift shop, founded by Nandeeta Maharaj, sources ethical products from Australian social enterprises, creating real-world impact.
Goods 4 Good'’s new Shopify website – the first project for 'Avenue for Good'


Goods 4 Good: More Than a Gift Shop

Goods 4 Good isn’t your typical gift shop. It’s a beacon for change, showcasing ethical gifts from social enterprises across Australia. Every product here tells a story of empowerment, sustainability, and positive impact.

The Passion Behind the Project

Nandeeta Maharaj, the founder of Goods 4 Good, has witnessed the transformative power of social enterprises. Driven by a passion for ethical and sustainable business, Goods 4 Good stands as a testament to her vision. By choosing to work exclusively with social enterprises, Goods 4 Good isn’t just selling products; it’s advocating for a better way of doing business.

A Purchase with Purpose

When you shop at Goods 4 Good, you’re part of something bigger. Each purchase supports causes from fighting food insecurity to other noble endeavors. It’s shopping with a conscience, knowing every item has a direct impact on lives and communities.

When it was time to evolve our initial website, Avenue for Good stepped in to realize our vision. As Avenue’s philanthropic branch, Avenue for Good combines award-winning design & technology expertise. Their team’s guidance in theme selection & deep understanding of our mission led to a website we’re proud of. The entire process, from briefing to launch, was seamless thanks to their exceptional project management & teamwork. We’re grateful for their impactful contribution & excited about the changes we can achieve with this new, powerful online platform.
Nandeeta Maharaj
Goods 4 Good
Joining Forces for Greater Impact

Our partnership with Goods 4 Good exemplifies the essence of Avenue for Good. We believe in empowering organizations like Nandeeta’s, bringing their vital missions to a broader audience through enhanced digital presence.

Be Part of the Change

This project is just one example of how Avenue for Good is committed to making a difference. We’re proud to support initiatives that are not just about profit, but about making a real impact in people’s lives.

If your organisation shares a similar vision and could use a digital boost, we’d love to chat to see if we can help.

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