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30 Dec 18



December 2018's Roundup

'Roundup' is the collection of key stuff we've either been reading, discussing or working on during the month at Avenue.

How To Design Emotional Interfaces For Boring Apps
Not all design projects are for sexy brand clients. From the Muzli blog, see how great UI can keep users excited when using apps with repetitive tasks.
Boring is the new black…
How to Design Scannable App Screenshots
Promoting your product well on the App Stores is essential. You often get one chance, and need to communicate immediately. This case study shows how to best highlight the benefits your app provides and capture customer attention.
Show your best face…
Make sense of rounded corners on buttons
Button design; something so simple yet so essential. Get it right, and user experience will sour. This article from UX Collective outlines in detail the benefits of rounded vs square buttons.
Take the edge off…
The power of empty space in UI design
This detailed article from Viktorija Bachvarova outlines principles for using negative space and line spacing in design to enhance user experience.
Negative space is your friend…
Best Design Practices for Single-Page Websites
Single page websites have become extremely widespread due to the many benefits they provide to specific use cases, such as landing pages, one-time events, plus brochure and single-product websites. This article from UX Planet outlines best design practices for this medium.
Sometimes it pays to be single-minded…
Most designers don’t understand modality
Here’s a detailed article with great examples that outline best practice standards on how modal screens should be used in user interfaces.
Don’t block this pop-up…
Animation principles for UX & UI designers
Here’s a really useful and detailed article on using known principles to ensure animations add to the user’s experience in design.
Science wrapped in eye candy…
Inspiration from the Grid
Our favourite creative post from Inspiration Grid in December are the striking photographic artworks by Peruvian-born and Philadelphia-based artist Cecilia Paredes, where she camouflages her own body against intricate patterns.
Where’s Wally?…
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