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01 Nov 18



A fresh take on FinTech branding

'Roundup' is the collection of key stuff we've either been reading, discussing or working on during the month at Avenue.

We recently had great fun collaborating on a new online branding project with James Oconnell — a superb illustrator from Manchester, England — for Lumi, where custom illustrations form an integral component of the brand identity.

Lumi, approached us to design their corporate identity and website homepage. Lumi is not a traditional financial company so they were keen to try different things and set themselves apart from the competition. Stock photography was definitely not an option. We all agreed on an illustrative approach, with a vibrant, unique colour palette.

Selecting the right illustrator was key for us. With that in mind, we enlisted James Oconnell to produce the unique artworks.

Jame’s style represented the exact look we had in mind, perfectly complimenting our identity design and overall brand vision.

Through great collaboration during the design process, working remotely with James was a breeze — thanks in no part to his open-minded and can-do attitude.

In our view, collaborating with experts in complimentary fields only enhances our designs, and James’ work with us for Lumi is testament to this.

Conceptual meanings behind the new Lumi logo.

Brenton Cannizarro
Believing hair should be long and celebrated, Brenton was ironically bald at 28. A lover of the world game, he will never walk alone, and also has a deep passion for hard rock music.
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