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05 Aug 20



Design process will always beat industry experience

'Roundup' is the collection of key stuff we've either been reading, discussing or working on during the month at Avenue.

It's not important that a creative agency has experience in your specific industry.

When you’re sourcing external help to create your website, you shouldn’t expect to see industry-specific examples.

Ask the developer to explain how they solved their client's specific problems instead.

Every business is different, and each website will have unique functions to meet their expectations.

This will prove that your developer can listen to their client’s needs and that you’re in the right hands to get the results you want.

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn.

Brenton Cannizarro
Believing hair should be long and celebrated, Brenton was ironically bald at 28. A lover of the world game, he will never walk alone, and also has a deep passion for hard rock music.
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